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Jan 31, 2023


Xiamen Soonn Technology Co., Ltd is located in Xiamen, China.

We mainly supply disposable pet fruit and vegetable trays, fruit boxes,

vegetable boxes, salad boxes, pastry boxes, PVC plastic wrap and related products.


Our Company Advantanges:

We have advanced large-scale production equipment,

strictly implement the standard production operation process,

only use new raw materials into the production and processing,

to ensure that the products meet the food grade safety

and health more in line with international standards.


Relying on our own factory and mature professional team,

we can provide customers with high quality, stable supply

and customized one-stop packaging solutions and products. 


Our Products Are Widely Used In Fruits And Vegetables, Meats, Pastries Keep Fresh.



Our products can be widely used in supermarkets

for the pre-packaged sale of fresh vegetables,

fruits, meat, dried fruits, biscuits and other goods.


The highly transparent PET material is more helpful for

customers to choose the desired products.


Using our products to pre-pack the products

can keep the freshness and cleanliness of the products,

which makes it easier for customers to take them,


increase their desire to buy,and improve the business performance.


Fruit & Vegetable Base 

Our products, Used in fruit and vegetable base packaging.

Using food grade PET raw materials.

It's High Transparency & Safety and Sanitation.


We can provide customized services for

the fruit and vegetable growing base,

strong capacity supply,

to ensure that seasonal crops,

For example,


Can be picked and packaged in time.



High transparency PET boxes are the best packaging choice

for delicate desserts and cakes.


The rigidity of the product itself can maintain the shape

of the pastry from being damaged when it is squeezed.


The highly transparent material can not only prevent

dust and other foreign objects to keep clean,

but also improve the grade of the pastry with

the sparkling transparency.


Customers are more willing to pay for clean, upscale goods.



We have independent product research and development ability,

Can according to the needs of agents for a full range of

products customized production,

for different customer groups and use scenarios.


For home use, it is also very extensive and convenient.

If food is kept fresh, it is necessary to use food-grade plastic wrap.

Usually, fruit packaging also needs to use fruit boxes or fruit trays,


so as to maintain the freshness of fruits and vegetables.


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