Are You Still Looking For High Quality PVC Cling Film?

Oct 18, 2023

PVC cling film is a common food packaging material that is widely used in domestic and commercial environments. It has many unique characteristics that can effectively extend the preservation time of food, reduce pollution during storage and transmission, and provide convenience and hygiene.


1.Excellent ductility: PVC cling film has good ductility and can tightly wrap food to prevent the invasion of air, moisture and bacteria.

2.High Transparency:PVC plastic wrap has high transparency and can clearly see the appearance of the food, providing a good display effect.

3.Sealing: PVC Cling film has good sealing, can firmly fix the food, and prevent oxygen from entering, extend the food preservation time.

4.Environmental protection: PVC cling film uses less material in the production process and has less impact on the environment. In addition, it can be reused, reducing waste generation.

5.Convenience: PVC cling film is easy to use and store. It can easily cut and wrap food as needed, adapting to various shapes and sizes of food packaging.

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