Walk Into The Plastic Wrap Factory

Aug 16, 2023

                                                                                       Walk Into The Plastic Wrap Factory

 Hello, everyone! Today I'm going to tell you about our plastic wrap factory and reveal the technology behind keeping food fresh. Plastic wrap is an indispensable tool in the modern kitchen to make our food last longer, fresher and more hygienic.

 Our factory is equipped with advanced equipment, hygienic environment, and all processes are carefully designed and controlled to ensure the best product quality.

 First of all, the raw materials department is the core of the entire factory. High-quality materials are the key to making high-quality plastic wrap. Workers carefully select a variety of raw materials, including biodegradable materials, to ensure that the environmental impact is minimized. These materials undergo strict quality inspection to ensure compliance with international standards and safety regulations.

 Next, enter the production workshop. The machines here are neatly arranged, automated and efficient. Huge rolls are fed into the machine, where they go through a series of processes and treatments to form rolls of delicate plastic wrap. The machine is not only able to work at ultra-high speeds, but also can customize films of different specifications and thicknesses according to needs.

 Quality control is an important part of the factory process. In the quality inspection department, professionals test each roll of plastic wrap to ensure that its properties, such as tension, transparency and tear resistance, meet standards. Only after passing the rigorous test can we proceed to the next step to ensure that each roll of plastic wrap is a high-quality product.

 In addition to the manufacturing process, environmental measures are also a focus of the factory. All raw materials use renewable energy to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions. Waste disposal systems have also been set up to recycle or safely dispose of waste in the manufacturing process, reducing the negative impact on the environment.

 Finally, the finished product warehouse is the temporary home of the plastic wrap. There is a large amount of plastic wrap neatly stacked here, and the staff will carefully pack it to ensure that each roll can be safely transported to the customer.

 The above is the whole process of our production of plastic wrap, welcome to our factory visit!

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