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PVC Food Grade Jumbo Roll Cling Film

Oct 04, 2023

PVC Cling Film is a common food packaging material with the following uses and advantages:


1.Ductility: PVC Cling Film has good ductility and can easily wrap food and maintain the tightness and freshness of food. It can cover food of all shapes and sizes, providing effective protection.

2.Transparency: PVC Cling Film is transparent, and consumers can clearly see the packaged food, check its appearance and quality, and increase the confidence of purchase.

3.Tightness: PVC Cling Film can effectively seal the food, prevent the entry of oxygen, moisture and odor, slow down the oxidation and deterioration process of food, and extend the shelf life of food.

4.Flexibility: PVC Cling Film has a certain degree of flexibility and plasticity, and can adapt to the shape and size of various foods. It can wrap tight containers, dishes, lunch boxes and other food containers and provide tight closure.

5.Convenience: PVC Cling Film is easy to use and remove without extra tools or tricks. It can provide convenient packaging solutions suitable for the food storage and preservation needs of both home and commercial premises.


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